FAW Forensics Acquisition of Websites


Released version

Date: 11/05/2013

The new features that are added with this new version are:

  • Submitted a verification algorithm of acquisitions
    in this version is generated a file named Cheking.faw that contains a control code that allows you to check if the two files Aquisition.txt and Acquisition.xml were not altered
  • All dates and times of acquisition are shown in UTC
  • The dates are entered by connecting to a configurable NTP server
  • Added the ability to send an email at the end of the acquisition with attached the summary file
    you can send email via your mail client or directly through the FAW
  • Are recorded the start and the end of the acquisition
  • The program is now able to report whether the acquisition was performed by passing through a server proxy
  • The program also records the address of the DNS server configured on the local machine
  • The graphic image of the scanned page shows the outer edge of the date and time of capture
  • Fixed minor bugs
FAW Forensics Acquisition of Websites